"...The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine." ― Nurse Ratched

Nurse Mildred Ratched is the head administrative nurse at the Salem State Hospital. She is a cruel authoritarian, who oppresses any kind of insubordination in her asylum and despite being a nurse, she completely lacks the sense of empathy and compassion, towards her mentally ill patients.

However, her authority is challenged when a convicted criminal - Randle McMurphy, sets other patients of the asylum, against her cruel system. Eventually, Ratched breaks McMurphy, but with the cost of her authority.

Appearance Edit

Her detailed physical appearance was addressed only in the film adaptation;

Body Edit

Ratched is a middle-aged, Caucasian woman of tall height. She has light blue eyes and short chestnut brown hair. However, her peculiar hairstyle is the highlight of her silhouette and is meant to resemble the horns of the devil.

Clothing Edit

It is unknown what Ratched wears beside her uniform. Her nurse uniform is purely white.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

She represents

Despite the fact of being a nurse, Ratched completely lacks empathy towards her mentally ill patients (especially Randle McMurphy) and instead of actually helping them, she often psychologically torments them, in order to make them obedient.

Skills Edit

  • Intelligence: Intellect, allows Ratched's manipulative nature to evolve. She's particularly wise in medical and psychological spheres.
  • Resilience: Ratched has almost complete control over her emotions; Whenever she's in the spotlight, she's always calm, silent and menacing.
  • Leadership: As the head nurse, Ratched rules the asylum with an iron fist and is willing to break anyone who doesn't obey her.
  • Authority: Ratched's biggest weapon is her position in the asylum. She even has the permission, to enforce lobotomy on any patient.

Trivia Edit

  • in the book, McMurphy has pointed out several times that she has big breasts.
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